A Boaty Trip To Stratford

So I could start by apologising profusely for the lack of any blogs at all for what seems like forever, but I’m going to choose instead to gloss over this fact entirely in the hope that you will be as gracious. I would love to say there is some big reason for the radio silence […]

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Snap back to reality

Firstly an apology, I feel like I’ve been rather quiet on the blog this last month or so. Honestly I’ve been struggling with what to put up here for you all, yes there have been mini adventures out on the waterways, but no near broken elbows or wet toes to report. So I haven’t really […]

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Boating into 2018

I appreciate I probably shouldn’t be starting with this, however I have been continually coming back to this post for the last week or so, so firstly Happy New Year you lovely lot! We’ve been busy settling back into normal life after the cosiness of Christmas (Translation: I spent a whole day remembering how to […]

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Returning to dry land

So this weekend was a little odd for us, why I hear you call, well I hope you are prepared for the anti-climax of the century … We were away from the boat (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!). I appreciate it’s really not that strange of a concept, we both are away from our […]

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