A Boaty Trip To Stratford

So I could start by apologising profusely for the lack of any blogs at all for what seems like forever, but I’m going to choose instead to gloss over this fact entirely in the hope that you will be as gracious. I would love to say there is some big reason for the radio silence […]

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‘What is this weather! You’ll be alright on a boat though hey?!’ – Narrow Boats in the rain

No Sharon from Accounts! No We are not ok because it happens to be raining, a lot, persistently, again! Firstly I appreciate that I am writing this rather ranting blog post on the only sunny day of 2018, but the point still stands, being on a boat does not make this amount of rain an […]

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Snap back to reality

Firstly an apology, I feel like I’ve been rather quiet on the blog this last month or so. Honestly I’ve been struggling with what to put up here for you all, yes there have been mini adventures out on the waterways, but no near broken elbows or wet toes to report. So I haven’t really […]

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Hiring a Narrow Boat

It’s incredible to think it’s only a year since we went on our first narrow boating adventure Narrowboat Hire – Our first experience on the water. From one towpath it feels like a life time ago, we’ve settled into our little way of life and it’s difficult to remember anything else, from the other it […]

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Boating through the Seasons

We are now officially in Winter, which means we have covered all four seasons with Fantine! Never one to shy a way from stretching a blog post out of nothing it’s only right I cover the four seasons of Boat life, with our highlights and lowlights of the seasons. (Apologies for the length of this […]

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