How much does a Narrowboat cost?

So aside from the lifestyle benefits a big draw for people considering a liveaboard is the perceived reduction in cost of living. We currently rent in a 3 bedroom semi-detached home with a small garage, garden and driveway in Northampton, which really sets us back a fair amount a month, £850.00 to be precise. With […]

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The Narrowboat Check List

So once we finally understood that a Narrowboat isn’t just a Narrowboat  and the budget was set it was time to start our search. Searching for a boat is much like searching for a second hand car. With the option of brokerage companies (Much like your used car forecourts) and private sellers. There are a […]

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What’s First?

So the first thing to consider was where do we want to live? We both have full time jobs which are just over 80 miles apart, so finding a location that works for us both is a bit of a logistical nightmare. However from what we have been able to find out so far where […]

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