Raising A Family In A Small Space

George Clarke has been exploring the extraordinary world of inspirational small builds in his eighth series of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. We’ve blogged about this show before, it’s a total Sunday evening guilty pleasure, next week they have their youngest amazing space creator who will be transforming a narrowboat, so grab your Sunday evening snacks […]

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I attempted to come up with a witty title, but really one word was all that was needed. This is a call out for help from our fellow boaters! I’ve mentioned a few times now that we are hoping to renovate the kitchen (Hopefully later this year) and the floor at the same time. Whilst […]

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Who Lives On The Canal?

What lies behind those blinds that are always drawn on the towpath side? Who resides in these floating baked bean tins? What is it really like in there? We do! Hello! Now as a boater during December you get to witness one of natures great phenomenon’s. Now you’ll only witness them for seven days of […]

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New Year. New Resolution

Happy New Year! I think it’s definitely ok to say that on the third of January isn’t it? We hope you all had a wonderful festive break, we spent the week doing very little other than eating cheese and mince pies. Today we’re back at work and trying to remember how to function in a […]

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