Escape to the Chateau – Narrowboat Renovation

I’m going to start by glossing over the fact I haven’t posted for roughly one hundred years, and just jump straight into it. Whilst we’ve been away from posting we have been ever so slightly more active over on Twitter and Instagram so if you’ve been missing my ramblings uncontrollably (I mean you’re only human), then give us a follow over there to stay slightly more in the loop with the going ons.

Now onto business, wintery Sunday afternoons are my absolute favourite. The fire is trickling we’re all cosy and ordinarily have tummies stuffed with fluffy roast potatoes and stodgy Yorkshire puddings and at eight pm the wonderfully whimsical tones of Escape to the Chateau sound out. It’s our favourite show of the week, and when I saw that this Sunday they would finally get round to showing the transformation of their little 45ft narrowboat, I was ready for all of the inspiration and to sacrificing the funds set aside for this years CRT License to all of the wonderfully kitsch décor Angel was bound to create.

It absolutely pains me to write this post, because the Strawbridge’s feel like an extended family we see for an hour every Sunday evening, and I have loved everything they have done. Until this weekend, when they took on their narrowboat, and the only words ringing in my head are disappointment.

I was ready to see full on folk art, roses and castles, and a magical use of the space, what we got was all a little bit underwhelming for me. There were none of the bold features, none of the pushing the norms that you see with so much of the other stuff they create. It was in my eyes a total missed opportunity.

The scalloped fireplace tiles were the only saving grace, but they were only saved by the gold grout in my opinion. I suppose for many the opportunity to spend the night on a narrowboat is magic in itself, let alone one residing in the moat of Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson with that in mind I guess that the interior doesn’t have to rock the boat!


I must admit our eyes popped out of our heads at the blinds, as we both mumbled do you think she’s taken into account the angle of the wall, upon fitting them it would appear not. The show does seem to have moved away from showing you the intricacies of their projects in this season, so perhaps there are lovely little details that I just missed.

It’s such a shame although at least the CRT won’t have to chase us down for our license fee! I’ll just have to go back to day dreaming about all the wonderful projects within the traditional walls of the chateau and how I can adapt them for narrow living.

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One thought on “Escape to the Chateau – Narrowboat Renovation

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Every thing you mentioned, we pointed out to each other. It could have
    been soooo charming, but she sure missed the design boat this time. Only other time was the
    matching fabric & design of daisy’s used throughout that beautiful antique coach they purchased.
    It was gorgeous. Shame the interior didn’t live up to the charming look of it outside.

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