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Good afternoon you lovely lot! I did my usual and jinxed everything again didn’t I? After complaining about the heat aboard in my last blog we’ve been hit with monsoon weather consistently since, I appreciate this is entirely my fault and I apologise to you all!

Quickly moving on I could spend this blog discussing how awful the rain is to try and restore normal order, but I must admit I’m actually quite enjoying the current weather. What I’m really here for is to discuss what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks since the last blog. Whilst I’ve been quiet on here I have been busy writing elsewhere.

Our little blog has officially made it! We’ve been featured in a write up in Tiny Living Magazine UK, and I’m actually rather proud of it. We we’re approached by the team at Tiny Living Magazine a couple of weeks ago with an interest in featuring our journey to tiny living in their latest issue. We had a look back at their previous publications and found it could be a perfect fit for our style and message. Who am I trying to kid, we got the email I got overly excited and instantly emailed back saying YES YES YES PLEASE!

I must admit I had my reservations; regular readers will know that I try wherever possible to present both sides of our lifestyle. I worry about the number of articles shouting from their rose-tinted pedestals about the gloriousness of a tiny living lifestyle, I wanted to be sure this wasn’t the same. The title gives it away really doesn’t it, the team over at Tiny Living are all about living on a small scale. Thankfully I quickly discovered they were realists, and they were happy to indulge in my need for the article to be a true representation of our experience. Life aboard can be fantastic, but lets be real we’re living in a floating corridor, that naturally has some drawbacks and not all of those come with a positive spin!

I did take some time, after my initial excitement wore off a little, to indulge in their back catalogue. They’re all available online, with them releasing a quarterly printed issue which combines the releases from that period. They are a great read for anyone who’s interesting in alternative homes and they provide an honest realism that a lot of the sparkly television shows just don’t. Each publication is also the perfect length to enjoy over a cup of tea.

I love the way the article turned out, and whilst its contents will be familiar to any regular readers it was great fun to be a part of. Rosie and Heidi featured prominently, and it would seem they’re happy with their write up! Especially the phone call to family to say we’d made it into print and not as a page three girl!


If you’re interested in reading any of the Tiny Living Magazine issues, we particularly recommend the August 2019 issue from page three onwards, click here.

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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