What Are The Negatives Of Living On A Boat – Goodbye Brave iPhone

Ok so I think we can say with certainty that mission blogification failed! So, apologies on that, there’s always next year I suppose. Up until this morning I was slightly more active with our Instagram, so if by some miracle you miss us perhaps follow us on there! I simply had to write a blog about the events of today, something happened which, in honesty, I cannot believe hasn’t happened before now.

There is an inherent risk of living alongside water, of you or objects in your possession falling foul of the murky depths. As a matter of fact, the Leicester arm of the Grand Union is lined with gold, thanks entirely to our ability to lose our pretty gold cutlery overboard.

Side note: For any enthusiastic treasure hunters these were £20.00 a set from TK Maxx, I doubt they are actual gold, if you do retrieve any I would happily have them back, we’ve had to consider remortgaging to fund lost cutlery!

It’s not just cutlery which has met a watery end, a slow cooked beef joint accidently became fish food, as have several keys, a mug, a dog bowl and on one occasion almost a dog (Narrow dog isn’t a natural when it comes to water).

Basically, you can lose a lot to the cut, and you almost come to expect it. I mean most boaters in the know will keep a spare pair of clothes at the front of the boat. Walking into your boat dripping in canal juice after a cut dunking is surely the ultimate walk of shame!

This morning rushing out of the boat, running late as normal, I waved goodbye to the pooches and scuttled off to work. I am happy to say on this occasion it wasn’t me who fell foul of the cut, it was my phone.

Have you ever had one of those moments where time stands still, and ten seconds feels like a day? I’ve never had it until this month, when I have experienced it twice. Case one was horse related so I won’t bore you all. The second was today, as my keys and phone slipped from my grip and did the prettiest slow-motion pirouette towards the ground. Honestly Tom Daly would have been proud, they spun in perfect unison, whilst time stopped still.

I of course was totally useless and stood there, thinking in equal parts oh shit and how pretty, I made zero attempt to stop what was unfolding in front of me. Although given my questionable balance, perfectly sober, on flat, dry land it’s probably for the best that I didn’t, I would of no doubt also ended up soggy and would of not of managed to do it so gracefully.

By some small miracle my keys landed on the ground (Yes, I know I need to use the floating keyring I brought for jokes when we moved aboard), my phone however was not so lucky. I watched as it met with the water, minimal splash so it would have been at least an 8.7 from the judges!

Time was still on the go slow, as my phone gracefully sunk out of view, it was genuinely equivalent to watching Jack let go at the end of Titanic.

tenor (1)

I scooped up my keys, made a mental note to attach the ugly floating keyring this evening, and instructed myself that I absolutely should investigate phone insurance for my next phone. Three Hundred pounds later I have learned my lesson, I think. Although I must admit I am rather looking forward to a few days of phone freedom!

James & A now much poorer than I was this morning Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

5 thoughts on “What Are The Negatives Of Living On A Boat – Goodbye Brave iPhone

  1. Maybe buy a waterproof phone or case next time? Did you see if you can retrieve it? Might as well as you have nothing to lose. If you do get it out, put it in a bag of rice and leave it somewhere warm. Sometimes you get lucky and that dries out the phone and it’s usable, other times you just get damp rice🙂

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    1. I know, they are just all so big and heavy at the moment! Need someone to come out with a more compact design! It does have a magnet on the back for fixing onto an in car holder so we are going to have a go at fishing it out, although after a full day swimming with the fishes I think we’re more likely to end up with damp rice! 🙂


  2. A narrowboat vlogger I like watching lost his iPhone somewhere in the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal, complete with some video he hadn’t had chance to upload. Maybe they should make floating phone cases for boaters?


    1. Waterproof cases do exist but they are just so clunky, large and ugly! I am definitely not alone in loosing mine, lesson learned phone will remain in my pocket or bag until I am well clear of the water! 🙂


  3. I lost my phone in the water when we came to look at the boat! Then I dropped the metal end of the hose connector in the canal when we moved on. We have floating key rings but haven’t put them to the test. Next door’s dog fell in- but ‘only once, she didn’t like it, so she didn’t do it again’- her owner said. Although going opposite- to things coming out of the canal- a few days ago our neighbour rescued a deer that had fallen in the canal and was scrabbling at her boat! She pulled it out, luckily it was only a small one!


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