Small Appliances vs Narrowboat Life

I can’t quite believe I’m actually going to write a blog about kettles, but here we are, hope you’re ready for this roller coaster of a ride folks! We have two kettles aboard, yes we are that fancy! One is your traditional power guzzling kettle and one is a stove topped kettle, depending where we are and what we’re up to depends which kettle we use. Last week however after two years of dedicated service, our ordinary plug in the wall kettle broke. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!

Not to worry I thought, I popped to Currys the next evening on the hunt for a new kettle, word of advice folks, don’t go to Currys! My gosh it’s half an hour of my life I will not get back, spent in the most part walking around the store trying to firstly locate the kettles and secondly trying to find a member of staff willing to help, and the high street wonders why we are increasingly turning to online retailers!

Anyway following this waste of time I called into Tesco, firstly to find biscuits to get over the Currys incident and secondly to check out their kettles. Amazingly they had the exact kettle I had enquired about in Currys, it was cheaper and I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes to be told it wasn’t in stock but I could go and order it online.

Only when I got home I realised the Currys incident may of indeed been fate at play. The lovely shiny new kettle didn’t fit under our tap. Buggeration. This my friends is another case of the joys of boat life! Finding things which fit, often quite literally into boat décor can be a nightmare!

We then wrestled to get the kettle back into the box ready to return to Tesco, the lady did raise an eyebrow at our reason for returning, but there you go!

We eventually found a lovely short and wide kettle, which fits under the taps and still has the same capacity. It also has copper! And we all know I’m a sucker for a bit of copper. Want to know what’s even better? It has a temperature gauge on the front!!! So you can watch it go up as it boils, bloody amazing.


So there you have it, another boat life problem. Finding home appliances and décor can be bloody nightmare!

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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