The Narrowboat Community Is Incredible – Finding The Barbie Sock

Earlier this week I posted on how I am really struggling for inspiration for the blog at the minute. Today I have admitted defeat and I’m going to tell you all the tale of my adventurous sock!

I love socks! It’s not just that I’ve gotten old, which I have, but I’ve always loved socks, the more novelty and repulsive the better. Now as we will all be aware Christmas has not long past which is my main sock receiving period! I’d got some rather reserved Barbie socks (To clarify here they are human socks in a Barbie design, not socks for a Barbie doll).

So we were in a nearby marina at the weekend, topping up on everything we needed and taking advantage of their laundry facilities, whilst we have a washer on board we don’t have a dryer and during winter air drying clothes is damp and a bit grim! So anyways I was just unloading our last load from the tumble dryer when someone else came in with their bundle of wet clothes. Having just unloaded a tumble dryer I told them it was available and in their stuff went.

Easy peasy domestic goddess level stuff happening here, back to the boat I merrily went. Only as we cruised off into the sunset and I disappeared below deck to put all the washing and marina goodies away I found a poor lonely Barbie sock at the bottom of the basket. This is nothing new I spend a lot of my time looking like this:


I was annoyed however that I’d managed to loose this poor socks buddy. I paired it up with another odd sock, a second marriage if you will and continued with our day. That was until Monday evening, when we had a tap tap at our door, what the blooming heck is this I wondered, I went to answer the door to see a lady holding a beautiful navy blue Barbie sock!

It wasn’t just any lady, it was the lady from the marina laundry room, who had found the Barbie sock in her dry washing, and figured it was mine. She obviously didn’t have a collection of single socks waiting to find new love, so set about reuniting me, I couldn’t see this lady leave empty handed so of course ensured the hands were filled with a bottle of wine (Official boaters currency).

The other Barbie sock quickly called time on it’s relationship with the Batman sock and is now back together with it’s true love.


The boating community is truly fabulous. If I’m not contacted by Warner Brothers in the next 24hours to make this into an epic movie the world is broken!

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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