Blogspiration Anyone?

Hello! I’m starting to fail on my blogication aren’t I? I’d love to say that it follows the patterns of previous years where we’ve escaped for a winter break. Sadly not! I’ve actually come to the blog everyday ready to get blogging, but I’m really struggling with exactly what to blog about!

I’ve said to before but it’s so easy to slip into the humdrum of things isn’t it? For us everything is just normal now, and you don’t really want to hear about the laundry I did at the weekend do you? Although one of my socks did go on an epic adventure with another boat!

I have a few ideas bubbling now so hopefully I’ll be back and blogging, but for now, if there is anything anyone would like me to blog on, please let me know! It’s for the greater good, it’ll save you from reading about the epic adventure of my sock!

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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