Narrow Boat Interiors – A Look Through

Sorry for the radio silence over the weekend all! It was my birthday; hence I spent the weekend like this:


Woohoo to me!

So today I figured we are fast approaching the end of our second year afloat and given that it was my birthday at the weekend I was forced to tidy everywhere up a little ahead of family visits, which made the boat look all lovely. What better time to show you a sneak peek through the windows?

I looked around and honestly not much has changed since we first moved aboard, as a matter of fact next to nothing has changed! I’ve got a bit more relaxed on clutter, and to me it all feels a bit more lived in, but that’s about it really!


I did get these snazzy tile stickers for the fire place, I got them following the first few weeks of winter aboard, when I was having a serious meltdown over boat life and hated everything. They were a real cost-effective way of transforming a little bit of the space. We want to change them when the floor and everything else is done but having the stickers in the meantime cheered up my winter blues a little (It’s the small things which make a difference to me).


With the bedroom again nothing has really changed, except for the addition of our gorgeous sheepskin curtesy of James’ Auntie, it’s so soft and snuggly and we use it everywhere. Except for the floor, nice things and boat floors were not made to be!


So not much has changed at all, except for it now feels more like home.

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life


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