Raising A Family In A Small Space

George Clarke has been exploring the extraordinary world of inspirational small builds in his eighth series of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. We’ve blogged about this show before, it’s a total Sunday evening guilty pleasure, next week they have their youngest amazing space creator who will be transforming a narrowboat, so grab your Sunday evening snacks (Our choice is Yorkshire Puddings and Beer) and get settled for 8pm on Channel 4.

I’m not just writing this to promote next weeks show, although I think it will be a good one and I’ll undoubtedly end up blogging about it! Last nights episode saw a young family transforming an American Super Stream into their mortgage free home. The result was stunning and cleverly planned and yet James and I both looked at one another and said hats off to them if they make it work.

What caused us to be so judgemental? I hate to be like it, but I can’t even begin to imagine life in a small space, as amazing as it may be, with a baby. I went to visit one of my best and dearest friends last week, she’s just giving birth to the most stunning little girl who I am truly in love with. But as I sat there having auntie snuggles and repeating in my head ‘Do not drop the baby’ I couldn’t help but notice how much this tiny person had taken over already. There was baby paraphernalia everywhere, changing mats, nappies, baby wipes, blankets, rockers, baskets, clothes.


Is it possible that a baby doesn’t need all these things? I’m not so sure a lot of it seemed to be fairly essential, even just down to the number of clothes. I sat there and thought to myself, hats off to anyone who raises a family aboard and again do not drop the baby. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to aboard, this family looked to do the same, in their own small space, they were inventive with it, but I still can’t help but marvel at how they make it work. We struggle sometimes with the two of us and two dogs, throwing another human into the mix must at times be tough!

Anyway, make sure you tune in on Sunday, and check back next week for my muddled musings on it!

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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