I attempted to come up with a witty title, but really one word was all that was needed. This is a call out for help from our fellow boaters! I’ve mentioned a few times now that we are hoping to renovate the kitchen (Hopefully later this year) and the floor at the same time. Whilst the design for the floor is completely fixed in my mind, I am unwavering on what we want, the kitchen is a different matter entirely!

When it comes to the kitchen, we both have ideas on what could work, but these ideas and layouts change on an almost weekly basis. Whilst compared to your average kitchen in your average home the costs are low, it’s still going to be a decent amount of money, and something that we won’t be looking to change for a long time after that. It’s a pretty big and grown up decision.

I spend hours in the evenings looking at Pinterest and the boat sales sites, browsing the layouts other boats have adopted, and imagining how they could transform our space. I have three main objectives to achieve with the redesign of the kitchen.

  • More work surfaces
  • Banish the unusable cupboard (Read all about this heckin cupboard here)
  • Have doors which open and close with ease

It’s not much to ask for really is it? in honesty pretty much all the layouts we are considering would achieve these objectives.

In reality we have toyed with three different layouts, each beautifully illustrated below.

The original idea

This is the one that had been in my head from the off, had we had the money when we purchased Fantine we would have done it there and then, it would of meant a lot less upheaval, and would of given me less time to think! We figured living with it will help us to realise what we need, or confuse the heck out of us, you know either or!

It ticks all the objectives, its much closer to a traditional kitchen layout and I can see how it would function. So it’s all good case closed hey!

Option 1James’ input

I don’t get much input on things like this from James, so when he does make a contribution I have to listen, and I do quite like the ideas he has on this. It’s similar, but a little different. One of the things we have struggled with is finding a decent hob which isn’t too deep, even a lot of the caravan and leisure models come in crazy deep, unless we want a miniature two ring hob, which doesn’t work for us with day to day life. James suggested a more U-Shaped layout which would allow us a standard sized hob. To prevent the same situation as the current useless cupboard he has suggested that the washing machine is built in at this end and opens the other way. I hate to admit but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Our dining table currently sits over to the side which would now effectively become a walk way, so this brings the location of that into question. James has suggested moving it over to the other side (Innovative thinker I know!) I’m more swayed to the idea of an overhang on the hob and washing machine which creates a breakfast bar/table area, I think it would open up the space a lot more and actual look a bit funky!

Option 2

The unpractical idea

We’ve pretty much had to discount this idea on the practicality score, but I’ll discuss it none the less (I’m nothing if not a dreamer)! I saw this on an advert for the most stunning boat, and because it was a stunning boat (Or a well photographed boat) my fickle heart fell in love. This version has cabinets on both sides, allowing for a full-sized oven and hob sitting alongside a shallower cabinet. Except for the oven and hob this is almost like what we have with a shallow sideboard over on that side of the kitchen. I love the idea, but it really increases the work load to achieve. All our supply of gas runs to the other side of the boat, so we would have to entirely re-divert this to install this on the other side. F-A-F-F.

Obviously, it’s within the realms of possibility, it’s not out of the question and it’s not a total no go, particularly as we plan to re-do the floor at the same time. But is it necessary?

Option 3

So how on earth do you decide? How do you know which option is best? All of the options tick the boxes, all of the options achieve the main goal, so how do you pick a front runner? I’m tempted to get the masking tape out and tape off where the cabinets would be and live around them, see how we get on with each idea for a week or so. But then will that really help us to make a decision? I’m honestly not sure.

As contenders for the worlds most competitive couple I hate to admit it but I am swerving towards James’ preferred layout option [Eye-rolls a plenty] thankfully he barely reads the blog anymore so I can slowly make out it was my idea and go with it. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to come to a decision, or even better some other alternatives to chuck into the great big kitchen confusion soup!

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

2 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Hi, here a link to a blog I did about our boat interior. May be helpful, maybe not! I love having units on both side as it makes it a really easy when cooking, everything seems close at hand (although that can be said if s narrowboat in genthaha) also we have a breakfast bar and we use it all the time. We dont really have room for a dining table so we use it for all our dining and it suits us fine. The one thing I love most sbyour galley it the masses of workspace
    Anyway good luck and I can’t wait to see your finished kitchen x


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