New Year. New Resolution

Happy New Year! I think it’s definitely ok to say that on the third of January isn’t it? We hope you all had a wonderful festive break, we spent the week doing very little other than eating cheese and mince pies. Today we’re back at work and trying to remember how to function in a society where a gin before ten in the morning is no longer acceptable, and we are re-learning how to use a knife and fork after said week long cheese and mince pie binge. The struggle is real people.

So New Year, New Us? No not really, it’s naff isn’t it and we hate it don’t we, but lets talk new years resolutions. I mean are they still a thing, I honestly don’t get it myself but if that’s what motivates you then good for you. However to entirely contradict myself in one short paragraph, I have a resolution. I am resolving to spend 2019 entirely blog dedicated, blogicated if you will.

I spent a huge amount of 2018 away from the blog, literal months without a single post, looking back to 2017 the same pattern emerged, this year I’m determined to remain focused and posting regularly. Blogicated people!

It’s difficult sometimes to keep posting, because the boat just becomes life to us and who really wants to hear about the three loads of laundry I did at the weekend? Well actually some people do, yes guys we have a washing machine aboard. So here’s to a year of blogication (I’m determined to make this word a thing) and a year of annoying you all with the day to days of boat life. Happy 2019 folks!

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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