The Boaty Christmas Countdown

Woohoo! It’s the third of December which officially means I can talk about Christmas as much as I want to, for the next month. So I’m going to be getting in lots of posts all about the festive season aboard! From space battles (Not as sci-fi as they sound), to gift giving and whether Santa manages to fit down the incredibly small chimney! I find Christmas magical, but spending it aboard definitely puts a different spin on things.

So in the first of my Christmas inspired blogs I’m going to address gift giving. I’m hoping most of you will of seen or read The Grinch, it’s one of my all time favourites, and I think the message at its heart is massively applicable to life today. You can get so caught up in finding the perfect gift for your Aunt Karen who you only see at Christmas that the true message of Christmas is lost. I appreciate I may be sounding like a serious cliché but I have recently really struggled to understand gifts for the sake of gifts.

James and I have lived together for three and a half years now, we have all the things we need at home and we are lucky enough that when we want something we tend to get it for ourselves or one another.

Having the boat has brought a new focus to us and those around us, people don’t just willy nilly buy us things because they understand we don’t have the space for them. We are also more conscious in the things we gift other people, both through a lack of space to stockpile present after present and as a result of our new lifestyle changing our mindsets.

So do you know what Auntie Karen I buy my own shower gel, so don’t worry about that gift set, the drink I have with you at Christmas means more, so save that money towards another one? I really don’t want to sound ungrateful, and I truly appreciate every present I get, I suppose what I am trying to say is that boat life has brought about a rather nice change in mindset.

This time last year I would be stressing over the perfect present for my impossible to buy for Dad, this year I’m sorted, I got him a nice pair of slippers which he actually needs and the rest of what I would usually of spent on yet another jumper or present that would be forgotten the next month is instead going towards a family meal, altogether, which whilst a hangover may prevent us from remembering in the short term, will create lasting memories for us all.

I made a list throughout the year of little things I actually needed, I checked the list twice and sent it off to Santa. It’s just small things which I will need and use, socks and a little radio for at the ponies and a couple of new throws for the boat.

I’m really hoping that this blog comes across to you all in the way I intend, it just actually makes me happy that the boat has changed me in this way. Having less definitely makes you want and need less, and this year I’m tremendously excited for the meals and drinks I have planned with friends and family, in place of the traditional bath bombs and jumpers. So think about it, and if what you were planning to get for someone was just for the sake of a gift with their name on it, perhaps consider how much more precious and memorable time with that person could be instead.

Just a thought!

James & Kirsty

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