Why Did I Open My Big Mouth? Narrowboat For Sale

I did it didn’t I, I went and tempted fate! Just over week ago I pondered how you decide when the time is right to move from one boat to another, when there are no situational changes and no real tangible benefit of moving from one boat to another. Fast forward to Saturday where my phone pinged in to life, a message from James ‘You need to look at this’ it read, how ominous!

Clicking on the link sent over and hoping it wasn’t a dose of hackers click bait I was greeted with the most stunning of boats for sale, skipping past the text (because come on you all know me by now!) and heading straight for the pretty pretty images. Just wow. It was a first class fit out, modern but tasteful, just well thought out in every way.

I am officially in love, as ever with my fickle heart this other boat only ticks two of the things I would want to change for a future boat, but those are just minor details hey? The boat is still a traditional layout, it’s still a standard narrowboat, I can’t see the stove never mind guess its size and the layout is definitely not reversed, but isn’t it just gorgeous. I have included photos for you all to swoon over below.

All I really have to hope is that someone else feels the same way and quickly snaps this boat up so as the decision is taken from me. The one cautionary tale I will add is that a boat should never be judged on photos alone, they can be so deceiving, the boat that looks great in photos is often not what it seems, and had we gone off photos alone we would of never viewed Fantine.

From the comments it has received so far I would not be surprised if it sells in a heartbeat, but looking at it, it certainly gives you food for thought! The boat is identical in length to Fantine, and I really like some of the things they have done with the layout. It makes me wonder whether it is something we should take into consideration for our planned refurbishment. For example the stud wall which creates an almost utility area is super, I like the idea of the washing machine and a larger fridge/freezer being out of the way, whilst it may take up a bit of room it also allows you to have a bit of messier area for this something which when it is in the main area of living space is much harder.

We love the kitchen layout too, with the slightly larger cabinet for the oven and hob, allowing a full sized oven and hob, and then scaling back the cabinets to allow more space for movement, it just works really well. Do we even need to mention the floor? It’s simply stunning. I appreciate it’s not going to be a look which everyone likes, it’s a very modern take and use of the space, which I think works really well.

Perhaps instead of questioning how you know when it’s right to move from one boat to another I should be asking how you go about transforming the space you have, to go back to the basics of this is the hull we have, how do we make it work for us. In other words how to look at a complete re-fit. It’s a terrifying idea, and of course a costly option, I suppose you have to know that its definitely the route you want to take well in advance of considering it. I think what worries us more than anything is future proofing the boat, what I mean by this is, yes that idea may really work for us but will it translate to someone else when we look to sell the boat. I think if we were to look down the re-fit route we would have to have a long hard chat with ourselves, is boating, and more specifically this boat one hundred percent our future.

We were speaking the other day to a couple on the cut who have been living aboard the same boat for 15 years now, and as we approach our second year on Fantine I can’t really imagine a time without. I don’t think you have the same worries in a house, in so many scenarios there is very little you can do to dramatically reduce the value of your home, with a boat I think even painting it in a slightly none traditional colour can come to sting you.

But then it’s like I so often say and write about you need to do what’s right for you, if boat life and more importantly the boat you have chosen is right for you then do what works for you and to hell with other folk’s opinion right? But it’s not that easy to just decide to start again is it, we have a wonderful space on the boat, and of course there are things which could be done better, but is deciding to start over again really a viable option? The cost and disruption make me wonder. But that hasn’t stopped me from messaging James to say maybe we should rethink what we were planning to do with the kitchen and living area next year, maybe we should be a little bolder and try something a little different.

It’s time to get brave and plan around with a pencil and paper I think! In the mean time someone save me from myself and buy this boat please!

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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