The Pros and Cons of Life Aboard a Narrow Boat – What’s Floating Our Boat and Sinking Our Ship This Week

It’s that time again! A bit of light-hearted Sunday fun is in order, so it’s time to cover what’s floating our boat and what’s sinking our ship this week. For those of you who haven’t seen this feature of ours before it’s a little fun snippet of what we are loving and not liking about boat life each week. I’m really enjoying them lately, so I think they might be a feature of the blog for a little while yet!


What’s floating our boat?

Practise makes perfect? I hate to say this so early into the season, and please re-quote me on it when it comes back to bite me on the butt, but we seem to of nailed this fire making malarkey! We have been consistently creating fires which not only provide heat, but continue to provide heat overnight and well into the next day. Woohoo maybe you’re not a stupid fat hobbit after all (Inside joke refer to last year’s blogs for clarification).


What’s sinking our ship?

Mud. We should be thankful we have gotten away with it for so long, but the return of a little rain has brought about the return of mud! Accessing your home from a towpath sees you dealing with a lot of mud, combine that with the tiny space and you have the perfect recipe for mess. So you’ll now find us chasing the dogs around the cratch with a towel or on the never ending mop cycle. Pffft, hello autumn.

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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