Narrow Boats Are Dangerous Places!

This time last year I would have been cooing over how lovely this time of year is, how beautiful it is as the waterways get quieter, the fires come out and the frosts twinkly in the morning. This year, this week in particular I have the proper hump with it all, lets lose all that wishy-washy rubbish and get to the truth of it, narrowboats are a blooming dangerous place this time of year.

This week saw the first, what I like to call, ‘Proper Frost’ for any of you who are interested I have included information below on what I consider to be the three levels of frost.

A Bit Cold – This is the lightest of frosts, where the very tips of the grass are white and you don’t bother to start your car 5 minutes before you need to go anywhere as you look at the windscreen and think ‘it’s just water’ only to curse yourself 5 minutes later.

Proper Frost – The easiest way to tell you have a proper frost is that your cratch no longer resembles fabric, opening feels like opening a solid door. Everywhere is white and your car windscreen looks furry.

Expert Frost – The only way to get out of the boat is to run warm water on the cratch zipper as it has frozen shut, you look out and question whether it has snowed or not, as everywhere looks so white. Your car windscreen has that magic leaf pattern.

Ok so now we’ve got that over you will all be able to agree that this week saw the first case of proper frost. I honestly don’t begrudge it getting colder, that’s what is supposed to happen in autumn, in the UK.

I started Monday morning a little bleary eyed (who doesn’t expect for people on the recruitment, cereal and orange juice adverts) and once ready for work I fed the pooches and layered up for their morning walk. Upon returning to the boat I stepped inside and immediately lost my footing, doing the worst attempt at the splits known to man before cracking my ankle on the door sill and my thigh on our step box.


Painful doesn’t cover it, as I looked down and saw the bleeding and instant bruise. I cursed this ‘beautiful, magical frost’ and the great job it had done on icing the sole of my boots for me … almost as much as I cursed James for immediately tagging me in a post about taking extra care in the frosty weather.

Huff-Puff-Hump! You wouldn’t get this in a house with it’s bouncy piled carpets I have continued to mutter for the last four days, as my ankle is now officially a blue cankle! Be warned dear readers boats can be a dangerous place!

James & Kirsty A diary of live aboard life

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