The Pros and Cons of Life Aboard a Narrow Boat – What’s Floating Our Boat and Sinking Our Ship This Week

It’s that time again! What’s Floating our boat and what’s sinking our ship this week. Whilst these little blogs are short, and light hearted, I think they give you all an insight into thoughts aboard and how these can change week on week.


What’s floating our boat this week?

It’s like Shanghai Wharf round here! I wrote a blog last year about residents complaining about the smoke from people fire, if you love some old news you can read it here. But I genuinely love this time of year, whilst the majority of boats adhere to the rules and use a smokeless coal, you still get smoke clouds, or heat clouds, and I just love them. Similar to that Bonfire/Firework smell you get the smell of the coal fires makes me feel all cosy any snug at this time of year.


What’s sinking our ship?

Fish, almost literally in fact! We got a lovely 02:50 wake up call from an overexcited fish this week, smashing himself against the hull of the boat, right by our heads it would seem, before splish sploshing water all over the place. It may sound silly but hearing this in the middle of the night makes the blood run cold, panic that you are genuinely taking in water. On a more positive note it did mean James got up and made us a lovely mid sleep hot drink, unfortunately it interrupted his dream where he was being made prime minister which was most upsetting for him.

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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