What won’t change when you live on a narrowboat

I’ve been in a very mindful mood of late, I think the blog topics over the last month may of given that away! I’ve been bleating on about the wonderful impact a life aboard has had on my life and the great changes which have been made, but today I wanted to talk about the stuff I hoped would change as a result of living narrow, that just haven’t.


If I was a rich girl

You all know the story by now, we hoped that living narrow would give us the opportunity to save lots of cash whilst paying off the asset, landing us with bags of cash to swim through in five years’ time. Reality check people, I still spend most months living in my overdraft, in fact probably more so than in my student years. Part of this is due to deciding we really rather liked boat life and weren’t too concerned about saving for a house as well, part of it comes from the fact that whilst we brought a boat, we didn’t win the lottery at the same time. With our outgoings being pretty similar to a land locked life we really haven’t seen a sudden boost to our bank accounts (Sorry Mr Lloyds!), I’m nowhere near as rich as I’d hoped I’d be by now.

tenor (1)

More outdoorsy

This one is a tale of two halves really, I am way more outdoorsy, with the wonderful scenery on our doorstep how could I not be. On the whole I spend a lot more time outdoors than I did previously. What I really meant by this hope is that I’d get over the need for a nice manicure, and ‘cute’ clothes and just get on with things. No such luck I’m afraid.


Organised Bliss

Preparing to live in a small space I thought to myself, well everything will have to be well organised and there will be no excuse for laziness as there won’t be the space for laziness. Total boll my friends, yes on the surface things may look nice and neat and organised, open a drawer at your peril is all I will say! You still find a gone off tin of spaghetti at the back of your cupboards, I still have drawers filled with post I haven’t dared open, having a smaller space means I have got more creative in hiding or ignoring its presence, not that I am any more organised as a result.


A Disney woodland creature I am not

Smaller space equals less cleaning, right? You know what a smaller space doesn’t mean? It doesn’t mean that cleaning is more enjoyable than it was before! There’s less cleaning to do, I thought, it will be so much easier for me to stay on top of it, I thought. The cold hard reality, I have dramatically lowered my standards of clean! With a coal fire, two dogs, a smelly boy and muddy towpaths there really isn’t much of an option. If we could hurry up and make what Disney promised us as children a reality that would be fantastic.


This is a temporary measure right?

I say it time and time again in these blogs, we only ever thought living narrow would be temporary, another route into the housing market. But now? Well our thinking changed pretty quickly, we can’t really imagine our life away from the boat, and the houses we used to dream of seem entirely ridiculous now we are accustomed to such a small living space. In fact when we do think of moving area entirely, we think about doing it with Fantine, and how wonderfully easy Fantine makes this. Pop the helium balloons we’ve found the easiest way to move location around!


Whilst I write this post I can’t help but think how things have changed which I never expected to, something which I will cover in my next blog. For now I leave you with these could have been habits, perhaps a few of them should join together to form my new years resolution!

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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