The Pros and Cons of Life Aboard a Narrow Boat – What’s Floating Our Boat and Sinking Our Ship This Week

Occasionally there are weeks, when as much as you love boat life, something about it, and it can be the smallest of things grates on you. It’s not a permanent, it’s more of a small oh wouldn’t it be nice thought, if you like it I might bring it in as a regular feature, a bit of a what’s floating our boat and what’s sinking our ship every time I have these little thoughts.


What’s sinking our ship this week?

Not being able to walk around the bed. It sounds really ridiculous doesn’t it, but we have what we refer to as the ‘shed’ at the rear of the boat. It’s where all the controls for driving are kept, the controls which I am not allowed to touch, and more fun it’s where the button for the horn is (Occasionally I am allowed to operate this one, fully story on this at the end for you). But it’s also where we choose to keep all the things which in a normal house would probably live in the shed, the tools, nails, paints, batteries blah blah blah all live in a draw sets back there, along with an array of eight legged friends.

Often you need something from in the shed, more often than not for me it’s to flick the trip switch back on when I have tried to do anything other than just boil the kettle at once. But in order to reach the shed you have to go through the bedroom and over the bed. It’s annoying, and whilst our bed does fold away we try to do that as little as possible, only on extra-long cruising journeys will we really fold it away.

Its minor, but it is these minor things that can chip away at you, for some reason this week I’ve been needing a lot from the shed, perhaps cause James is away and I’m completing man tasks, I don’t know. None the less it annoys me, having to slip off the swan shaped slippers clamber over the bed and into the back, huff huff.

Oh a recent trip to the shed I pondered how nice it would be to be able to walk around the bed! Silly but still sinking my ship this week.


What’s floating our boat this week?

Anyone else noticed that the night temperature has dropped a little? What’s great about that I hear you cry, the return of the fire my friends. As much as I moan about the cost of the stove come winter there is something truly spectacular about coming home to your toasty boat and a glowing fire.

It’s wonderful, and we have to bask in the glory of it this first few weeks before the Hobbit and the fire gods have united to break our spirit just in time for us to really need the fire.

James & Kirsty

PS Ok so I promised you a funny story on the boat horn, on a recent trip that involved us going under an A14 bridge we saw an all too common sight for the A14, queuing traffic. ‘Please can I’ I said to James, I got the go ahead and peeped the boat horn. I was hoping people would turn and wave at us (It’s the small things), what happened instead I could never of predicted. The driver of the car on the bridge turned to the car next to him gesticulating widly and beeped back …. Oooops we may of incited road rage.

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