Do You Need A garden?

Looking out of the window today it would be safe to say that summer is official over, but what a wonderful one we have had. All this glorious weather has seen us be asked increasingly ‘Do you not miss having a garden?’

Honestly, having a garden is the thing I miss the least, it’s one of the big pros of life aboard for me. My biggest bug bear used to be, that as soon as a sunny day came around you’d have to spend it sorting out the garden, mowing and weeding to make it a space you could sit out and enjoy. By the time all that was done it was time to get on with other chores. I found it incredibly frustrating.

Compared to life now I mean just look at what we get to call a garden, I feel so lucky, and the best bit? I don’t have to get within 10 foot of a mower. Winner!

In the interest of transparency I will admit there are times when I miss a garden, more often than not this is in the evening, when I am half way through prepping the dinner, or have just sat down with a cuppa and I get that little paw nudge and longing eyes, the dogs need to go and take care of business. It would be lovely to just open the door and let them out, like we used to. Why not just let them out on to the towpath I hear you ponder, did I not mention we have a terrier? She’d be feral in around three seconds if we left her to her own devices, particularly in the dark!

Is it not strange to share what you call your garden with so many other people? Unless you were able to purchase your mansion for 20p back in the 60’s be honest with me and tell me that your garden is overlooked in some way? Most of the gardens I have had or know have an element of being overlooked. So really what is the difference. If we do want to be a little more private we tend to retreat to the cratch, only opening the side onto the water, what your only over looker is likely to be a Duck, Swan or dreaded Canadian Goose.

What’s more having such an expansive and beautiful garden available to us has encouraged us to be much more active, instead of just relaxing in the garden (after eight hours of weed wrangling) we’re more likely to take a wander on a beautiful evening and see more of what’s around us.

For me the positives far outweigh the negatives, so whilst on a wet, windy evening you may wish you could just open the door up to let the doggo’s out, never having to wrangle a mower is a much greater positive in my eyes.

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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