The Great Macmillan Marina Boat Race

What a glorious weekend we have just had, it couldn’t of been better for what we were up to. I would firstly like to apologise for not talking to you all about this before now, but we weren’t sure how the day would go, so didn’t want to go shouting about it before the pudding had been eaten, quite literally.

With the weather slowly slipping into winter we have been spending a bit more time in and around the cosy comfort of the marina. At the end of last month we realised we had seen no mention of the MacMillan Coffee morning, something which had taken place the year prior, and in a some what hungover, quite probably still drunk state we (James) came up with an incredible idea.

The Great MacMillan Marina Boat Race was born.

The premise of our idea was really rather simple, your standard coffee morning, but with added boatyness. The boatyness came in the form of a wooden sail boat race, we were planning to find kits to build the sail boats so everyone could take part, followed by a boat race across the marina in the afternoon.

Now being the sensible so and so’s that we are we wanted to get a plan in place before pitching this, so we took to the internet and found some brilliant, cheap and cheerful sail boat making kits and promptly ordered a couple to act as testers. The boats took a little bit of extra designing, with us adding keels and amending sails in order to make the best floating designs.

Once we knew we had a design and concept which could work we headed to the Marina office to float our idea (Hideous pun entirely intentional). Great news, the idea was loved, and we could get under way with proper planning, the marina owners also kindly offered the donation of a BBQ, now all we had to hope for was nice weather.


Sail boat kits went on sale the week before the planned race, with people encouraged to get in early on design and decoration, likewise a number of people turned up on the day and got working on their sale boat kits.

The day was fantastic and just after 1300 on Saturday the boats took to the water and racing was underway. With winners of the boat race, prizes for best decorated and of course the all important crowning of best bake there was a lot to play for.

The day just showed how wonderful the boating community really are, and with £525.00 raised for MacMillan, we couldn’t be happier with the day, the partying went well on into the evening, and now we’re just faced with the difficultly of what to do next to top it next year.

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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