It’s Official We’re Boaty

We’re very proud to announce to you all that we have awarded ourselves a mini victory (Still counts as an award even if self-certified I think!). Since the beginning of the month we have noticed an increasing number of boats admitting defeat and lighting their fires. I am proud to say we hadn’t … at least that was until Saturday, when I had a toddler tantrum.

I may of mentioned that James and I work, a lot, and this work whilst usually involved in the automotive or motorsport sector is often far from glamorous. Saturday was one of these days.

I was already a tad grumpy, given that James had the day off and I had to roll myself out from the snuggly duvet to make the 90 minute journey to Stafford. I left James with a detailed shopping list and chores, to make myself feel better more than anything!

My day involved me standing in the driving rain, shouting names, putting on my best happy smiling face and popping people into the seats of their dream cars, as I said allll the glamour. Being straight here I actually love that part of my job, seeing people getting excited and have their dream come true, and getting to be a minuscule part of that is really something incredible. Only Saturday was different, thank’s to the driving, bouncing rain.


By 1000am I’d admitted defeat and text James, whilst it might of been 18 degrees and just a little overcast where Fantine was, it was none optional, the fire was going on this evening.

There’s something about coordinating which get’s you cold to the bone, you’ll come home and stand under a boiling shower for 45 minutes, wrap yourself in all your layers, and still wake up in the middle of the night dithering. On days like this one you’re cold to your very bones.

It was doubly annoying as I’d began to feel rather proud of how boaty we were this year, no lighting the fire on the 1st September like total gongoozlers, nope we made it a whole seven days more, to the record breaking 8th September.

But when I walked through the doors, still dripping, despite the 90 minute drive home, I didn’t care one jot.

James & Kirsty

A diary of live aboard life

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