Narrowboat Renovations – Hello New Floor

Sorry guys! I totally messed up and was supposed to post this before I got onto the questions we are still asked posts, may of messed up on the scheduling slightly so if we could all pretend this never happened that would be super! 

In the latest, and quite honestly hopefully the last (The frequency is even starting to annoy me now) blogs on home improvements we’re going to talk floors. So, installment one was on the work we (James) did to the flooring in the Cratch, the much-anticipated installment two looked at our (my) dreams for the kitchen, and in the final home/boat improvements installment we’re going to talk floors.

We currently have a laminate floor running through the whole boat, and we’re looking to change it. The plan is to do this at the same time as the kitchen, so all the disruption is taken care of in one go! We’re looking to change the flooring in the main living area.

The beauty of having a small space means you can get quite creative with your ideas, in fact I would argue that a bit of creativity is needed to make the space really come to life. So, the plan for the floor? Say hello to a sweeping hexagonal tile and wood laminate.


What in Foxton Locks name is that I hear you cry? Allow me to present you with my beautiful extremely technical and to scale drawing:


The blue hatched area represents where I envisage the hexagonal tiles, whilst the orange lined area is where I imagine the wood flooring, I want them to blend through the boat, just as in the image above.

So you can see the tiles aren’t boring squares that draw a line between the living room and kitchen, no they blend, showing the join between our living areas but at the same time giving a sense to their purpose within this tiny space home. Yeah that’s right George Clarke watch your back! (For the record I was writing this in character, I have not morphed into some designer type)

I love the idea that the wood and tiles blend into one another, with the tiles flowing from the corridor out and around the kitchen units and through to surround the floor of the stove and wall behind it. In my head, and I have to say on paper, I love the idea of it.

Is it going to be a ridiculous amount of extra work? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes.

When you’re not living in a conventional space you can go a little more off the grid with your ideas, isn’t that just fantastic! The other plus side, well a small space equals smaller quantities so you can go a little more crazy with the ideas and not break the bank.

Ever since our trip to Morocco, and quite honestly before, I have adored the Moroccan style tiles, so that’s the style I would be looking to go for with the floor. And to avoid the issue of swelling wood we are looking to use a super easy B&Q laminate style sticky floor (hard to describe but perfect for making a difficult job a little easier).

Roll on April when we can hopefully make all of these ideas a reality!

James and Kirsty

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