Give Me Power – Power Problems on a Narrow Boat Part 3

You’ve patiently waited out each instalment and cliff hanger, and here we find ourselves, at the last instalment of our trepid power struggle. For those of you who have done none of the former you can read instalment one here and two here.

So since identifying the power issue we had been running battery chargers on the batteries to try and re-establish the required power level. A couple of days after leaving the chandlers to investigate further the third battery charger give up the ghost … sensitive readers triply look away now … triple buggeration.

We were quite honestly at our wits end with it. Having a fridge which was doing a better job of being and oven and a water pump still on strike was no fun in the glorious weather. Enough was enough and we decided it was time for an investment. We settled on purchased a fancy Victron Energy Centaur Battery Charger, the bees knees of the boaty battery charging world. Instantly after fitting she solved all our electric problems, and on our last few cruises we have had power with no problem at all despite no mains connection.


This was our biggest problem so far with Fantine, and aside from purchasing her it was also our biggest investment to date! Stay posted cause we have been showing her more love and changes which we will be sharing with you soon, and remaining in the British spirit we will also cover a write up on how the longest summer ever has treated us aboard!

James and Kirsty

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