A Boaty Trip To Stratford

So I could start by apologising profusely for the lack of any blogs at all for what seems like forever, but I’m going to choose instead to gloss over this fact entirely in the hope that you will be as gracious. I would love to say there is some big reason for the radio silence which there kind of is ….


Yes folks that’s right we have had one of the warmest and driest summers in my living memory, and for any of you who don’t know we have a boat, and that just makes this weather even blooming better! (Not to brag or anything!)

There are a few things I want to blog to you all about, and I am going to try, and promise to post to you all more regularly again.

Firstly I’m going to tell you all about our wonderful day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, we had a very rare weekend off and after loosing a bet James owed me a date (We’re a super mature couple). So off to Stratford we went, it was a wonderful day, we began with a trip to the Butterfly Farm, which I would recommend to anyone and obviously being the boat folk we are we had to take a rowing boat down the river.

After our hard work rowing we relaxed with a well deserved ice cream on the Lock at the centre of the town. As we sat there enjoying the sunshine a boat decided to make the move down the lock, a mass crowd of Gongoozlers descended to marvel at the boat descending the lock. Dad’s attempted to explain how the locks worked to amazed kids and phones and cameras were a plenty capturing the action.


It was so funny for us to watch everyone watching, it was incredible to see the interest of all those passer-bys captured completely by something which we now take for granted. We quickly made a mental note to never visit the centre of Stratford with Fantine, for fear of entirely messing up the lock for all these on lookers.

James & Kirsty

4 thoughts on “A Boaty Trip To Stratford

  1. Hi welcome back! I can’t wait to learn how to do locks and get confident about them. We are in India and won’t be back to the UK until March/April next year, but our boat is waiting there patiently for us! All the best.


    1. Hi Sadie, so lovely to hear from you! Hope everything is going well with you. How lovely I have always fancied India, although James has never been as keen! I have to say I glad to only have to do the bit on dry land, not the whole driving your beloved boat into a great big sink hole bit 🙂 x

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  2. Hi Kirsty and James,

    I have just spent four hours reading through your blog posts, from day 1 until the post above. It’s been a really interesting read, so thanks very much for posting everything. I have a plan to buy and live on a boat, which I will not be able to bring to fruition for perhaps eight or nine years. But that does not mean that my desire to do so is any less for it. As I read through your posts, I was struck by how you have matured and become more circumspect over the 20 or so months of posting about your boat life.

    Also, as I read your posts, I wrote down some questions which came to my mind. Many times in your posts you mentioned that you would be happy to answer any questions, so here goes!

    1) Do you know people who make a living on their boat? How do they do it? You talked about Wayne and the Barge-Inn Booze. Any other stuff going on?

    2) Do you know anyone who swims in the canals?

    2a) Does anyone do stand-up paddle boarding on the canals?

    3) Are there many people with kids?

    4) What is it about the locks that you hate so much?

    5) Do any people live alone on their boat?

    6) What happens if you get a mooring where you don’t get along with the neighbours?

    7) How old is the oldest person you have met who lives on a boat?

    And here are some thoughts that I jotted down as I was reading:

    It’s a pity more comments have not been made.

    Don’t apologize for the long posts – they are the best.

    Admirable efforts to get the gifs right.

    Cheers, and thanks again for the blog.



    1. Hi Dave,

      Firstly thank you for taking so much time to read through all of our ramblings and thoughts! We really appreciate your dedication, kind words and comment. Whilst it may seem a long time until you can pursue your dream keep with it, we can promise it will be worth it.

      1) We see quite a lot of enterprise boats when we are out and about on the cut, a lot of these capitalise on the Gongoozlers, with things like swan food (bird seed) and little bits and pieces for the passing public. But then there are also a lot of people who work for themselves, be it craft and art or freelance online workers the possibilities really are endless!

      2) We’ve never come across anyone who is intentionally swimming in the canal 😉 in a lot of places (particularly thanks to the summer) you are in fact struggling for depth, whilst the marking water can be deceiving a lot of places are only around 3-4ft deep.

      2a) Again we haven’t seen any stand up paddle boards on the cut, you only really tend to see canoe’s and kayak’s.

      3) We see a lot of boats with children! When we are in the Marina our neighbours have a grown up son who lives aboard and two young grandchildren who visit on the weekend. Hats off to anyone with kids aboard! I imagine organisation is key!

      4) I’m quite risk adverse, and the thought of putting our lovely home in a great big bowl of doom to fill it up with water has me feeling uneasy, that and trying not to bounce it off the side or open the paddle the wrong way! Headache central! Although I must admit with time I’ve gotten more relaxed with them.

      5) You meet a lot of solo boat livers! You’ll find that boating is such a wonderful friendly community that you don’t really feel alone, although a lot of solo boaters will have a furry friend aboard!

      6) You’ll be surprised how little you actually see of your neighbours, whether that’s on the cut or in the marina, what with being out and about and daily life. When on the cut it’s super easy, just move on, in the Marina the marina manager should be able to help you. But I’d be so shocked if you have this experience, we’re pretty odd to proper boats folk yet they have been nothing but friendly and helpful to us, plus everyone you speak to thinks they have the best neighbours (It can get a bit competitive)

      7) I wouldn’t like to guess, we never dare to ask ages! But I would say we’ve come across a lot of people 70+ happily boating away!

      Again thank you so much for your time and for the questions, if you ever want to know anything else please let us know, sorry it has taken us this long to replay but wordpress only just notified us to your comment!

      Good luck chasing your dream, and we hope to see you on the cut in a few years 🙂

      All the best,



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