‘What is this weather! You’ll be alright on a boat though hey?!’ – Narrow Boats in the rain

No Sharon from Accounts! No We are not ok because it happens to be raining, a lot, persistently, again!

Firstly I appreciate that I am writing this rather ranting blog post on the only sunny day of 2018, but the point still stands, being on a boat does not make this amount of rain an ok thing. I spend a lot of time wittering on about the questions and statements you will continually be bombarded with in your time as a Narrow Liver. The smiling assumption that you will be alright with the great floods because you already have your ark comes second only to, ‘ooo I bet it’s cold and damp isn’t it?’.

This question got my back up a little (In case you couldn’t tell from the above) and I felt I just had to set the record straight on this one. So first I will cover off what is great about the rain when living narrow.

  • I will grant you, when the fire is on and you have no where to go … let it rain, let it rain, let it rain … yes it’s rather cosy aboard.
  • The final good point of rain aboard, you are ready should the water levels rise and the world becomes submerged.

giphy (2)

That’s it. Two things. There are as it happens lots of blooming awful things about the rain as well.

  • Everything is wet. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from stinking soggy dogs, to soggy boots and coats, only thing is lots of space is one thing you lack, finding places to leave things to dry out becomes a fun jenga game.
  • Rain means mud, I hate mud, boat life feels like a constant mud battle, from muddy shoes to muddy dog paws, mud everywhere!
  • Just because we have a boat does not mean we wanted to spend the bank holiday stuck in doors, eating our body weights in chocolate eggs … honest … sort of.
  • You get woken in the morning by the rain bouncing against the side of the boat, and you have to build up the energy to go out, to work, to clean a pony, to walk a dog, whatever it is, hearing thundering rain as your wake up call makes finding the motivation a tad more difficult.
  • Contrary to common belief, even the Ducks aren’t into it, you barely see any wildlife, which is rubbish, when it’s just starting to come back from winter.
  • You worry, about the rising water level, sound ridiculous right Sharon? But sinking on the boat is a real fear, and with the rising water levels you spend a lot of time jumping up and down on the mooring ropes, checking there is the right amount of slack, and you’re not going to end up pulled under.


So there you go Sharon, I appreciate it’s hard to believe, but I too would much rather have spent the bank holiday, sat out in the sunshine with a G&T in hand. Not organising two of every animal to load the boat with.

Huge eyerolls.


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