What? You’re going to live on a Narrow Boat – The 3 questions everyone asks review

Firstly an apology, I’ve been far too quiet recently again life has been getting in the way of blogging, what with new business ventures (more on this soon) and the wedding of my wonderful Dad we’ve been a bit busy. But I’m back and ready to ramble to you all.

Looking back into the archive this time last year we were in the depths of re-modelling, ok bit of a grand term but we were painting a lot. Exactly a year ago I wrote a blog on the questions we were getting bombarded with at the time, and being the little know it alls we were, reading it back I guess a little bit has changed. In light of this I figured it was worth a re-visit and amend.

  1. It’ll be freezing! 

Ok I admit it’s not really a question, more an exclamation. Will it be freezing? Who knows! So far we’ve spent one day together on a tiny narrow boat exploring the cut, and granted it was freezing Narrowboat Hire – Our first experience on the water. However we have it on good authority (we’ve read it lots of places) that actually it isn’t that cold, so long as you keep your fire stoked, oh and have the basic ability to light a fire then there is no reason why Narrow Boat living should be cold. Granted the floor will always be cold, it’s underwater, wear slippers for goodness sake, what self respecting 20+ year old doesn’t own slippers!

So now I am able to speak with greater authority on this. It’ll be freezing, well do you know what at times it will be. My pants would be on fire if I said when temperatures were down to -6 two weeks ago it didn’t feel a tad nippy when you got in. Not to mention how naive we were about how easy lighting and maintaining a fire would be! We have had some serious fights on this one. Let’s get real about this, when you first get home and it’s cold outside, yes it’s cold on board, but you light a fire and the problem is gone. It’s much like getting home to a house, which hasn’t had the central heating on all day, it’s cold at first, but that can quickly be rectified. The floor on the other hand, going barefoot is risking frost bite, even in the heights of summer, that’s cold it always will be. The upside of that, the dogs really like it in the middle of summer, or when they’ve spent a tad too long at 3mm away from the fire.

So yes it will be cold, and to be entirely honest I think we always knew it would be a little colder than a house, our passion for what we were going to do made us a tiny bit defensive over it. But do you know what it’s really not that different to when we were in a house, you just have to light a fire, rather than pressing a few buttons on the thermostat.


2. Will you have a toilet?

Really? I’m getting to a stage now where I am tempted to say no, we will be at one with nature and dig ourselves a hole in the ground, in the woods, should we get the urge. Yes we have a toilet! Our boat has a standard cassette toilet, so don’t worry, we are not becoming complete cavemen.

Point still stands, we have a toilet folks! It really doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it might, yes its a bit different and it instantly scares any guests!


3. WHY!?!?!?!?

This is the toughest one really, and honestly you can’t blame people for asking! I can see why it seems a strange concept. So in short: We had what we thought was a good sum of money for a house deposit, turns out it was, if we wanted to live in the middle of a town in a tiny flat with a brothel next door (I’m sure they were lovely people), but seriously we just weren’t getting very much for that hard earned money. The boat offers us a great living space, in the middle of the countryside, something we could never of afforded. Secondly we save a small amount on living expenses and we own our own asset, win, win. Finally, well the lifestyle that goes along with boating is incredible, the people that surround it are great, and we can move our home, how amazing is that, we are not at an age where we know this is where we want to be forever. Win win!

This is probably the toughest one to review. We are so happy in our decision, and in complete honesty, as weird as it will sound, we often forget we are even on a boat. That’s not to say there aren’t days when I hate everything about boat life, but equally that happened with a house. Although you do find that those feelings disappear slightly, when you see and otter or swan family casually cruise by your window.


You can read the full blog in all it’s wonderful glory here What? You’re going to live on a Narrow Boat – The 3 questions everyone asks

James & Kirsty

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      1. Well, we had a few teething problems, leaking pipe and trouble getting water tank filled up but all OK now. Stove is warm, I have even woken up too hot!

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