Find anything that floats I think we are going under – Narrow Boat Sinking

Every now and then you get woken up in the night by a noise don’t you? It’s a fairly normal, common thing across all homes. However I wonder how often people are woken in the middle of the night in their brick houses with the blood running cold feeling that their home may in fact be sinking? Not that often? Well welcome to this morning at 0400am aboard Fantine.


I’ve written before about the terrifying drips you sometimes hear, or the fish whacking against the side of the boat. But this noise was a million times more curdling than that. This was a glugging sloshing, oh my god no noise.

Sliding a toe out of bed I was expecting to feel the ice cold water, or for a dog to come floating by. What to do in these situations? Wake James up of course, I got the standard don’t worry … too late for that Mr! An intervention was required. The covers were snatched back and the lights turned on, it was time to go on a leak hunt.

giphy (1)


Only there was nothing to be found, we searched everywhere we could reach, checking the taps, the bathroom, the radiators, around the water tank, nothing no signs of water and yet the guggling continued. We went back to bed, curled up ready for the impending freeze of the icy waters, as I began to contemplate what to raise to higher ground.


It was only when the alarm went off an I trudged outside that I believe I found the culprit. Since Monday morning the water has iced over, in fact we have had snow sitting on top of the ice the last couple of days. Now with the overnight winds and still iced water there has become a small break up in the edge of the ice, the wind whipping up the water has created little waves which are splooshing into the ice beach and creating the awful glug glug sound.

Or at least that’s what we think it is … I suppose we will know this evening, when we hopefully return to a still floating home.

A dry for now.

James & Kirsty




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