The Return Of The 8 Legged House Guests – The Nightmare of Living on a Narrow Boat

Before we started Living Narrow I had this wild fantasy in my head, once we were aboard we were on water (I know I’m a pretty sharp knife), so we would no longer have to deal with creepy crawlies of the eight legged variety. I mean they would never go to the effort of making a treacherous jump across from dry land to the boat, or scuttle along the ropes to the cosy safety of Fantine? Right? Right?


Oh how wrong I was.

From the moment we got aboard we were having daily fights with the little blighters, I tried my best where possible to rehome them on dry land and not in a ducks belly, but each time they came back with more troops.

Originally I thought we had gotten rid of the plague, but following my huge de-cluttering mission at the weekend they have all woken from their hibernation spots, ready for a new battle!

How and where do these monsters come from! I don’t really have a problem with spiders but these guys are straight out of a Jumanji game, huge and armed! Has the rising temperature and lack of clutter woken them!


There really seems to be only one solution for this, never tidy up!

James & Kirsty

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