The Big De-Clutter – How to live on a narrow boat

As promised I held to my declaration of having a major de-clutter this weekend, want to know a great thing about boats? Cleaning/tidying of any format takes no time at all, I’d covered the majority of the boat within half an hour, and then it came to the dreaded … wardrobe sorting time.

Safe to say, as you would probably have expected reading any of my previous posts, the wardrobe was by far the most difficult to tackle. But I was ruthless, and got a lot cleared.


The boat feels like a new place now, you don’t have to worry about opening a cupboard and being crushed as the contents fall out on you. We are by no means completely clutter free and there are probably things I could of been more cut throat with, but on the whole it seems like a job well done.

It really is amazing the things you hold onto, testified by the car load of rubbish, recycling and charity shop donations I had at the end of the day. All in all a day well spent, leaving me with a clearer head and all importantly clearer cupboards. I’ve made a promise that it will not get that way again, and have made James promise that should his floor-drobe reach the same dizzying heights it’ll be walking itself off into the canal. In all honesty check back in six months and I’m sure you’ll be reading a blog on how I am setting aside the weekend for a big de-clutter. When oh when will I learn!

James & Kirsty

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