I see Clutter – Living in a small space

It’s time to admit it, I’m a bit of a fraud. This time last year I was posting blog after blog of how to de-clutter your life and get boat ready inspiration. It would seem, that despite my best efforts and promises I have now fallen back into a clutter loving life.


Admittedly I am nowhere near the level I was before, with a loft full of things, but I am noticing a build up of ‘stuff’ throughout the boat. My reformed hoarder behaviour means this is actually beginning to irritate me, I need to do something about it. So with James away at the weekend I’m going to get ruthless with the clutter.

It’s amazing how quickly things can build up, you pop them all to one side thinking I’ll deal with that, or that’s where this should go. In the end that magical I’ll leave it there for now becomes it’s permanent home, until like now it’s all got to much and you’re annoyed.

I mean don’t get me wrong, the boat isn’t looking worthy of an episode of extreme hoarders or anything of that nature, but I’m finding that when I open cupboards they are full to bursting of stuff. Often I don’t know what stuff, and where I do I can say that around 30% of it doesn’t even get used.

Whilst this is an issue in the homes of some people, it’s definitely an issue on a boat, just leaving unwashed dishes for an hour feels claustrophobic. Space is a premium and shouldn’t be wasted on things which aren’t required or don’t pull their weight. Having now owned Fantine for just under a year we should be in the position to know what we actually use and need aboard, and what is simply acting as cupboard filling ballast.

So come next week the local charity shops are likely to have an influx of stock, and Ikea storage section will probably be entirely raided, in the hope of staying organised, at least for a little while.

This weekend however one square inch at a time, the boat will be de-cluttered and order restored! Wish me luck.

James & Kirsty

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