Snap back to reality

Firstly an apology, I feel like I’ve been rather quiet on the blog this last month or so. Honestly I’ve been struggling with what to put up here for you all, yes there have been mini adventures out on the waterways, but no near broken elbows or wet toes to report. So I haven’t really felt the need to write them up, it would be a bit like reporting my journey to work this morning zzzzzzzz.

I wrote a few months back, following a similar hiatus, saying how the lack of writing comes from slipping into relative comfort with the pace of life. Granted there have been a few other things going on, with work dilemmas, a birthday and a mini break, generally just life. I’d entirely fallen into the rhythm of it.

However last night I snapped ‘write’ back out of the daze. We’re in the marina at the minute, which all this week has been beautifully frozen over, I got home before dark and took the dogs straight out to catch the last of the light. We walked a different route with the light being in our favour, and upon coming to my favourite spot in the marina I woke back up.


A wooden bench sits at the top of the hill, under a huge tree, allowing you take in the view of the whole marina and horizon, this little vantage point also seems hidden, like a privacy glass you’re hidden on your perch watching the world go by below. I love this spot, and being able to see it in the fading light of day made me stop, and realise how lucky we are.

It’s easy when your below this, or going about your days to forget, just fall into that rhythm, but we are so so lucky, I mean just look at where we get to call a home.


James & Kirsty

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