Hello is there anybody there? – Winter Holidays

Sorry for the radio silence this last week, but we’ve been away. You may remember this time last year we took a break from the grey of January and followed the sunshine to Morocco, in a similar step this year we took a week in Edinburgh.


Ok so maybe a little different, but a couple of years ago James got to go to Edinburgh with work, and I, never even having visited Scotland, was a little jealous. Ever since this trip I’ve been wittering on about how I’d love to go, so James being the top chap that he is, booked us a week there for my Christmas present.

It was so incredibly beautiful and I quickly fell in love with the city. And despite me being slightly hesitant at the thought of a week, in Scotland, in January, we got super lucky with the weather, nice cold crisp days and only one day of traditional drizzle. Given that the week before they had huge amounts of snow I feel we dropped on pretty lucky!


We got up to a lot of touristy stuff and without wanting to turn this into a travel blog, although I suppose by the very nature of narrowboats it kind of is, here’s a little run down of what we got up to.

Despite me really not being into this kind of thing, the Castle was incredible and the tours they run were the right amount of information without being tedious, we in fact managed to spend a whole afternoon wandering the castle, a note for anyone looking to visit, the Hot Chocolates in the cafe were heaven!


The one thing I had on my list as an absolute we must do this or not bother going, was to walk up Arthur’s Seat (Thanks to One Day for this one!). Having looked at the weather report for the time that we were there we looked for the best day and took the trek up in the morning. My amazing navigation skills somehow found us on the most difficult and terrifying path, below are the views from half way up, both out and of what was left to climb. Honestly this was my favourite part of the trip, the views from the top were out of this world, and you felt entirely at peace looking down on the stunning city below you. For me it’s a must do, but take the time to find the right path (we followed it on the way down soooo much easier), and do take appropriate clothes/footwear, on our way back down we encountered a group of girls trying to make their way up in heels … I feel it may not of gone too well.

We also ate, a lot, and badly, which was wonderful until we got back onto the scales!


And of course being the serious boaty folk that we are, we investigated what the local culture had to offer.


I appreciate this post has been entirely unboaty, which I will now seek to rectify, when we got back to Fantine after the long car journey and week away, within 5 minutes aboard I had fallen over twice … It would seem I’d managed to loose my sea legs on this trip! Only one thing for it …


James & Kirsty


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