We’re all going on a family holiday – Narrow Boat Holidays

It would be fair to say that since our purchase of Fantine a few people have been interested in how we make it work. Alongside this you also have the people that see all the good bits of having a Narrow Boat in your life (I’m talking 25 degrees, sipping a beer on the deck scenario). As such more people in our life have considered boat ownership from a leisure perspective.


Ok mainly our dads, my dad currently has a holiday home in Wales which he considered giving up for a water based option. Likewise James’ dad is still perusing the idea of owning a narrow holiday home.

At the beginning of the year James’ dad contacted us to ask whether we knew of any narrow boat hire companies, of which we suggested a few. Following this in May this year we’re all going on a Family Narrow Holiday, well long weekend in our case!

James’ Dad, Step-mum and Grandma are hiring a boat and we are joining their journey from Dunchurch. Well when I say we, James will be joining them on the Friday (without myself or Fantine) and navigating them up to Yelvertoft. Where from the Saturday myself and Fantine will join the journey.

Why are you not joining in from the Friday I hear you cry, one simple reason my friends the wonderful canal route planner advises us this is a journey of 13 miles and 13 locks, that’s a lock a mile, and I forgot I am very busy at work that day!

Once at Yelvertoft we will then head on up on the Saturday to Welford, a journey of four miles, five hours and wait for the best bit … one lock. The Saturday evening can then be spent leisurely getting merry at the pub before a return journey to Yelvertoft the next day.

We picked to join in on this little bit of the journey for two reasons … lovely cruising journey and the pub … but also it’s a stretch we know relatively well and should be a nice one to navigate.

Our main concern is that this journey is planned for the weekend before the Crick boat show, so it would be fair to say we expect busier waters than normal! But still it will be wonderful to have family involved and experience our way of life.

James & Kirsty



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