What is awful about living on a Narrow Boat

I know what you’re all thinking, she’s going to bang on about last nights storm again, but in the interest of shock and surprise, keeping things cool and fresh, I’m not.


I think you all are fully aware of my opinion of storms aboard. They are living hell, and the eye bags I’m rocking today are physical evidence of this. What I want to talk to you about today is something all the more awful. Boat Hangovers.

I may of mentioned Christmas, where a played a big part in the consumption of 9 bottles of Prosecco, well the weekend saw me take part in my early birthday celebrations, which again became somewhat merry! When oh when will I learn.

I’m not the best with hangovers anyway, delicate flower that I am! But let me tell you all hangovers on a boat are a different story entirely. The small rocking motion, whilst something I have now become used to, feels like you are riding the Jolly Rocker at Legoland, with a banging head and queasy tummy.



It is genuinely awful and I blame my life aboard for my increasing inability to cope the day after a merry evening. This inability has nothing at all to do with the fact I turn 28 in 7 days, nothing at all!

(There is every possibility I am still hungover) Kirsty

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