Are Narrow Boats Damp? – Our New Dehumidifier

I previously mentioned that James’ favourite Christmas present was a dehumidifier (That’s right kids Christmas gets better and better the older you get!). He’d been keen on getting one for a while, and with Living Narrow you only really have room for the things that you need, which meant we put off purchasing this ourselves.


I honestly didn’t feel we had that much of an issue to need it, granted the windows steamed up when I cooked, but that happened in the house too, it never bothered me. James did a fair amount of research into them, and settled on one which was recommended by Practical Boater.

We ended up buying it from Screwfix for £124.99, and whilst at first I was skeptical I have to admit I’ve noticed a difference. Let’s get into a very Practical Boater style review on the unit itself.

My biggest worry was that it would take up precious space (Shoe space) that we don’t have to give. In reality the unit itself is fairly compact, and has slotted nicely in alongside where we store our electric radiator when not in use.

The second concern was noise, whilst I don’t know much about these magical water zapping machines I did know they can be noisy. Whilst we run it mainly throughout the days when we are not aboard it is a totally live-able noise level. Which when everyday life is taking place around it you struggle to really notice.

Finally power, whilst the amount we spend on electric is in no way a concern, I think since April we’ve spent around £40 on electric … Thank you solar panels! I was worried that it would be a battery drainer, it’s actually been super so far and we haven’t really noticed any change in power use.

On the whole I’m really impressed with this little machine. Whilst I wasn’t convinced we needed it, I’m now not sure I could live without it. So well done James, this post inherits you ‘I told you so’ rights for the rest of winter. For anyone interested this is our chosen water banisher.

James & Kirsty


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