Can You Live on a Narrow Boat Mortgage Free? – George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

We’ve previously been one to criticise these ‘Live Mortgage Free’ programs which seem to be popping onto our screens all the more frequently, How to live mortgage free – Thanks to the delusional Mrs Beeny. Where a lucky carpenter get’s gifted land on the family estate to build his own mortgage free castle … it doesn’t really sit right with us. However when we received a message to say that this week George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces was covering a barge, we couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Firstly I quite like the Amazing Spaces series, they are much more about innovation and incredible architecture than the mortgage free concept, but last nights couple were looking to live mortgage free.

With a £5,000 (We think, we missed the first 5 minutes so can’t be entirely sure) boat purchase Sam & Adele had a budget of £20,000 for all the refurb work, and there was a lot to be done. They had basically brought a hull, and a leaky one at that! But the transformation, in a mere five weeks, was incredible. A beautiful bespoke home, slightly over budget, but still within their mortgage free ambitions.


They did amazingly well and I have to commend anyone who manages to make such a small narrow space home, it wasn’t mentioned but we would guess at the living space being around 30ft? Whilst I can imagine the summer, I can’t imagine the mud of the winter invading the whole space! (I know not very boaty of me!).

Twitter went into deep praise for the Narrow Boat renovation, with many hankering for the lifestyle and beautiful cosy home. It’s a strange feeling as much as you love people recognising how incredible the lifestyle is, you want to hide it away and keep it all for yourself at the same time.


If you’re interested in the catching up you can view the episode here unlike a lot of these things I’d say it’s really worth a watch.

James & Kirsty

3 thoughts on “Can You Live on a Narrow Boat Mortgage Free? – George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

  1. Hi there Iv just come across this on the web this is my boat thank you so much for your glowing review and nice comments I put my heart and soul in to it as for the winter I have a rear canopy that saves me dragging the mud in


    1. Hi Sam, Thank you so much for your response, lovely to hear from you! Your floating home turned out absolutely beautifully, the attention to detail and styling was incredible! Glad to hear you have the canopy though, getting the cratch on Fantine made a hug difference for us, happy cruising and hope to see you out on the waterways some time! Kirsty


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