Boating into 2018

I appreciate I probably shouldn’t be starting with this, however I have been continually coming back to this post for the last week or so, so firstly Happy New Year you lovely lot! We’ve been busy settling back into normal life after the cosiness of Christmas (Translation: I spent a whole day remembering how to use a knife and fork, after two weeks of eating cheese cubes, pickled onions and turkey rolls). So apologies for the radio silence so far this year.


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, ours was lovely and relaxed, it was mainly spent visiting family, so we were away from Fantine a lot. We had planned to have our own mini Christmas on Boxing Day, although my share of eight bottles of Prosecco the day before kind of scuppered that. Sorry Tucks! Want to know what isn’t great on a boat … a killer hangover.

Santa managed to squidge himself down our shiny new chimney and deliver us some wonderful presents, it’s difficult with Living Narrow as much as I love things you don’t have room for the things, which has made buying for us all the more difficult. But we were very lucky and truly spoilt.

James’ favourite gift was probably his dehumidifier, he literally had not stopped bending my ear about getting one, and now not only do we have one, we have one that comes recommended, by no other than Practical Boat Owner, what boaty folk we are. I think a blog at a later date to tell you all about our now dehumidified air is a must (Hang on the edge of your seats for that one kids!).

So for the first post of 2018 that’s all I really wanted to say! I hope the break treated you well and here’s to a fabulous year!

James & Kirsty


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