A Year Older a Year Wiser, and One Great Big Apology

It’s difficult to believe but it has been a whole year since our first blog post! Everyone is mad on the whole Throwback malarkey so if you fancy a read, you’ll find our first ever blog post here “I’ve always liked the idea of a house boat” She said. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s a cringeworthy read!


It almost pains me to read it, we were idiots to quote ‘The one thing we couldn’t help but notice was a gaping hole in the information online of people having done the same as we plan to’ eurgh stupid stupid gongoozlers! The internet is full of friendly, helpful and experienced boaty folk, with so much knowledge which they happily share for the World. We were just blind to it. From the views, comments and emails we receive in response to our blog, to the Twitter army of boaty folk, there is so much information out there, you just need to know where to look.

I don’t like to be smushy but it is simply incredible that 12 months ago we were beginning our journey, completely clueless, and now I write this, curled up in my armchair in front of the crackling stove on our beautiful Fantine.

I could go on an X Factor styled discussion of the wonderful journey we have had to owning our own boat, however after reading the absolute tripe we wrote this time last year I wouldn’t want to put you all though it. I guess all I can say is do things! When we first looked into the idea I genuinely never thought we would achieve it. As people around us begin to buy houses we are increasing being asked whether we are thinking of buying a house, or whether we wish we had taken a different route. Our response, not a chance.


A year older, a year wiser, James & Kirsty

2 thoughts on “A Year Older a Year Wiser, and One Great Big Apology

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your posts! We are going travelling around South East Asia and when we return we plan to live on a narrowboat. Our house is being sold, our employers have been informed, and we should be off in March, all being well, with lots more time for blogging and reading! Happy boat living anniversary! Best wishes.

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    1. Hi Sadie, That’s great to hear, thank you for investing the time to follow our journey! Best of luck for 2018 and if you have any questions when looking to purchase a boat feel free to contact us! 🙂 James & Kirsty

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