The comforts of Dry Land – The struggles of Boat Life

I appreciate that my blogs make me sound like I change my mind on things as often as rabbits reproduce. Having spent a long weekend away visiting land locked friends I always struggle with the first couple of days back aboard. Thankfully not due to my land sickness anymore, but a couple of days surrounded by bricks and you realise there are some things that are really rather nice.

giphy (2)

What I hear you cry, all you ever write on about is how you can’t imagine leaving life aboard for your run of the mill bricks and mortar, but that’s not to say there aren’t things I appreciate about land life.

  1. Get your toes around this! – You know what’s great about brick life, carpet, squishy soft carpet, and not having to risk frost bite to run for a midnight wee. Just get carpet on the boat I hear you cry, erm yeah one thing I’ve come to realise is soft furnishings, boats, tow paths and pooches are a terrible combination for anything cloth based.

    CAT GIF • Funny Kitten kneading hard on his soft bathroom rug.gif
  2. Just leave that over there – This will come as a surprise to you all, I’m  sure, but I’m not a light traveller. Arriving at our friends house with two suitcases and two bags, we left them in the hallway … for 3 hours … nobody tripped … nobody had to loose half their body weight to walk by them. You can leave stuff, just lying around, and still go about your life. giphy
  3. Electric Feels – You can have as many electric appliances on at one time as you like, hair dryer and a kettle no bother, say goodbye to the slow motion dive across the boat to turn the microwave off before the electric trips from the kettle being on at the same time.

  4. I’ll stay in bed forever thanks – Living on a boat must be so peaceful? We get that a lot, but whilst it is a peaceful lifestyle, you only get peace in solitude, if James wakes up at 0700am on a Saturday, I’m going to be awake by 0730am, it’s a small space and things are just louder, in a house you have room, you can make a cup of tea whilst someone is asleep upstairs without them knowing. 200
  5. Addios Water Roulette – Debating whether the next glass of water will be your last before having to fill the water tank can be fun, but turning on the tap and just having water, it’s pretty fun too. tumblr_n8x94oy2vv1tae32wo1_500.gif

Despite all of this, it was wonderful to get back to Fantine last night, get the fire going and hibernate, in our own little patch of home. Whilst there are comforts in bricks that I guess can be taken for granted, without them our little slice of home wouldn’t feel so special. Although having to boil the kettle and steam open the Cratch zip this morning to get to work, yeah nothing quirky or amusing about that at 0430am, yeah it’s going to take me a few more days to get back on board with boat life.

James & Kirsty




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