So When Will you Buy A House – Narrow Boat Homes

We are at an age now where a good majority of the people around us have started to buy homes and put down roots, this combined with the fact people around us know we have been ‘boat folk’ for a year, has caused a great deal of questioning on whether or not we are tempted to buy a house.

In short No. We’ve blogged several times now on our love for 95% of the things which come from boat life, but no I am not tempted by a land locked life. Fantine is still as relevant to us today as she was twelve months ago and the pro’s of having her continue.

I see the friends around me saving like the ultimate autumn squirrels to a buy a little slice of home. The average one bedroom property will set you Back £125,000, before any legal fees, you could buy 2.7 Fantine’s for that. The average mortgage calculator works that out to be £627.00 a month, for the next 25 years. It’s beyond incredible. Compared to our just over £400.00 a month for the next 6 years.

Granted it’s not as simple as that, arguable our asset is open to depreciation, against a housing market which continues to go one way. Plus bricks and mortar do offer things which your average narrow boat can not.

Whilst mortgage matters are only part of it, boating is very much a lifestyle adjustment. We are able to call a wonderful part of the world our home, and the benefits for us far outweigh any desire to have a traditional brick home. I mean how predictable!

James & Kirsty

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