The Stoves Have Ears – Are Narrow Boats Cold?

In our previous post, where I berated the stupid Hobbit Stove with Gollum levels of hate, I asked that you all read it in a whisper Two Dogs, One Stove – Narrow Boat Warmth. See our Hobbit seems to be a very temperamental so and so, and at the first sign of criticism decides to teach us a lesson with at least a week of terrible fires.


Well I would like to thank you all, not only has the Hobbit behaved itself, it’s excelled! Perhaps you all made sacrifices to the Fire Lords for us? For which we and the Fire Lords are grateful.


The last few mornings there has been the thickest frost covering outside, I mean last night we even had snow! (There we go surely only four months to go! The Average Person Spends 5 Months of Their Life Talking About Weather – Storms and Narrow Boats). Despite Jack having being busy outside each morning I have woken up and seen a red glow from the fire, and two dogs huddled in the vicinity (A sure way of knowing it’s got heat in it). Just a tiny bit of encouragement and the fire has been back up and running each morning.


Absolute success, thank you for your kind Fire Lord Sacrifices (Even if we would of preferred donations to the Squirrel fund, but beggars can’t be choosers and all that!). Or maybe it could be that after 9 months we are finally getting the hang of stoves! For the record we are 100% still hankering after a Squirrel.


A toastier than normal James & Kirsty.

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