Two Dogs, One Stove – Narrow Boat Warmth

For any of you expecting smut, you filthy monkeys I’m about to disappoint you! Surely no one would take time out of their life to write a blog about two dogs and a stove would they? Surely not? I say Challenge Accepted!


Now everything I write in this post should be read as a whisper, see our stove seems to be our friend at the moment, and is very kindly doing what we are asking it to. WE DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE THAT! As you can see from the picture below the puppers are getting a wonderful amount of heat, so much so arguments have begun about who gets to sit closest to the stove.


Well we maybe about to magnify the problem, as we are thinking that next summer it will be time to magnify the stove!  The stove was replaced as part of our purchase process with Fantine, with the previous one being deemed no longer fit for purpose. The replacement Hobbit was around two thirds to size of the previous Stove, it is quite honestly tiny. When first setting eyes on the Hobbit, I loved it for it’s compact size, it gives us so much more space. As the weather has turned that love has quickly subsided to hatred.

tenor (2)

The size is blumin wonderful, the heat generation on the other hand, yeah not so great. We struggle to keep it going overnight, well at night never mind overnight, and it’s taking a truck load of fuel to keep it warm enough (I have a very cold soul). So we think that as soon as the warmer weather is upon us we need to look at upgrading our little Hobbit, we’re hankering after a Morso Squirrel. They have a Squirrel on the side that’s enough said really isn’t it!


Of course we don’t want to be left without a Stove currently, so it’s a plan which will have to go on hold, it’s going to take a bit more looking into as well, our current stove has a back boiler (Which heats the water for our radiators in the bathroom and bedroom), which we know can be a bit of a pain! For now anyone who wants to see two dogs bickering over the warmest spot, you’re welcome aboard Fantine (In return for a small donation in the new stove pot!).

James and Kirsty


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