The Average Person Spends 5 Months of Their Life Talking About Weather – Storms and Narrow Boats

‘The average person spends the equivalent of five months of their life – talking about the weather, a study has revealed. A poll of 2,000 adults has found the classic British stereotype of always talking about the weather is as right as rain, with the subject coming up three times in a typical day.’

Ok ok I am the ultimate British Citizen, all I talk about is the weather! What can I say I’m a polite girl (Can’t believe I am wasting five months of my life on this but here goes!). If you are a good Brit you can indulge and read blogs about all weather conditions on a boat.

Here I am talking about storms again! Because in the name of all that’s boaty it was blooming windy last night! Any eagle eyed readers will be aware that I have written about the wind before, but compared to last night that was nothing (Got to fill up five months some how!).

It was in fact so windy last night you could hear the water slooshing around in the water tank. The only saving grace on this occasion was the dark nights, which meant you couldn’t really see any fixed objects outside, meaning the movement was a bit less noticeable.

It is the absolute worst, we were left wondering where we would wake up, and I was left arguing the validity of boat stabilisers, James was adamant we couldn’t tip on our sides … I wasn’t as sure!

You’ll be pleased to know we woke up this morning where we went to sleep last night, and we live to fight another storm! (Only four more months of talking about weather!).

James and Kirsty

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