Stormy Waters – Narrow Boat Kitchens

When we first took ownership of our wonderful Fantine we had no plans to make any major changes Narrow Boat Layout – Our Plans. Initially we had thought about updating the bedroom and wardrobes, we ended up popping this idea on the back burner, and it hasn’t really bothered us since being aboard so is likely to be something we won’t follow through with, the best laid plans and all that!

giphy (13).gif

So now we move onto the story of my mini break down. You see something has been niggling away at me for the past few months, and my irritation with it has grown and grown. We have a kitchen drawer which squeaks.


I realise that in writing this I am quickly developing a reputation as queen of the anti-climax. However something about this drawer just grinds on me, to the point that opening it has me clenching my fists and incites deep set rage. Last week this all got too much for me. James came home to find me sat on the floor cursing, once he dared to step further inside he took the bold step of asking me what was wrong, my response ‘I simply cannot live with this kitchen anymore’.


Like the mature adults we are we took the natural step of considering a whole new kitchen, I mean simply ensuring this drawer no longer squeaked would be a childish move right? It is a bit more of an adult decision than this, the drawer was just the skin crawling, ear bashing last straw for me. The kitchen on the whole is pretty good, it fits everything I need in there. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better.

The current layout means that some of the cupboads are not usable, and space could be better utilised to provide more work surfaces and better storage solutions. Most importantly drawers you can open without your ears bleeding.

giphy (1)

We’re quite lucky in that my dad fits kitchens for a living, woohoo! So the drawings have been created and we are just waiting on quotes. Once we have more details on that I will be sure to share this, but watch this space for Fantine developments.

James and Kirsty

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