Returning to dry land

So this weekend was a little odd for us, why I hear you call, well I hope you are prepared for the anti-climax of the century …

We were away from the boat

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you!).


I appreciate it’s really not that strange of a concept, we both are away from our beloved Fantine a lot. Working in events I am away on site regularly and James is away with motorsport all the time, however the marked difference is with those nights away we tend to be that exhausted, we could sleep stood up, and barely notice our surroundings.

However for the past 5 days we have been away from Fantine, James was taking part in the Race of Rememberance Endurance Race (Something which I am more than a little proud of him for) check it out here. This meant we spent the last five nights chilled and relaxed on the stunning island of Anglesey, in a lovely cosy B&B.


All in all it was a most strange concept, I’ve never really noticed it before, probably, as I say, as when I am normally away I am that exhausted I barely register my surroundings. This was more of a mini break for me, and as such I felt much more aware that I was on dry land.

It’s a strange concept, when we first made the move to Fantine I was very vocal in my struggle to climatise to life aboard, however with this weekend I had much the opposite problem. It was strange.

  • It was strange to be able to walk right around the bed.
  • It was strange to have curtains to close not porthole covers.
  • It was strange to feel ridiculously too warm.
  • It was strange to have doors to close.
  • It was strange to run a tap without hearing the water pump or having an enthralling game of water roulette.
  • It was strange to not feel a gentle sway.

You get the idea it was all together quite strange.


I suppose the real question here is whether the strange feeling was welcome or not? To be 100% honest, it was. I feel a fraud to the boat world for saying it, but it was lovely.

  • It was wonderful to turn up a radiator for heat, without having to make any sacrifices to the heat generation lords, and play fire building jenga.
  • It was beyond incredible to turn on the tap five nights in a row for a humongous bubble bath, and not feel an ounce of regret for the water tank level.
  • It was amazing to wake up and pop your feet onto the soft cushion of carpet, rather than the ice cold boat floor.

But in honesty I can’t help but think a big part of this was the whole being away for a break more than anything else. Getting back to Fantine today was such a welcome relief, home, all be that entire home smaller than the room we stayed in at the weekend.

I couldn’t give up the tranquility and location the boat provides us, nor the community. It’s incredible how quickly the lifestyle pulls you in, it’s a way of life now, and whilst sometimes being able to walk around the bed, rather than scramble over it like a Ninja Warrior obstacle, would be nice, or being able to get out of bed in the morning and wander round shoe less without the risk of frostbite would be welcome, all in all they were just welcome novelties. In the same way being made breakfast each morning and coming back to a remade pristine room would be wonderful, it just isn’t our reality.


So yes the weekend was a welcome break, did it make me crave the land locked lifestyle, not for all the puppies in the world.

There are always going to be things which are preferable with each lifestyle, but as they always say you just can’t have it all! When it comes down to it, I’m over the moon with our lot.

James and Kirsty



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