The Unstoppable Bath Craving – Is Booking a Hotel Room Excessive?

Before anyone begins to wonder yes we have a fully functioning bathroom on Fantine, it even has what an estate agent would call ‘A perfectly formed washing facility in keeping with the design and layout’, I’d call it a dunk pool.


So whilst it’s deeper than your standard household bath its also shorter. This time of year makes that a problem for me, I’m not a big bath lover, but this cold autumnal grey just makes me crave one, a warm bubbly bath with some mulled wine and Michael Buble (Sadly only his music) would be just the ticket.


Now you see the dunk pool presents a couple of problems in realising this dream.

  1. There isn’t a great deal of room.  It’s really quite small, and whilst I’m sure it’s perfectly fit for purpose I’m not 100% sure what I would do.
  2. It would take a whole tank of water to fill. That’s two weeks of normal water use, gone in one bath. Aside from messing with the water roulette routine, how honestly shocking is that!?
  3. I pride myself on how low our electricity bill has been so far, however I can’t help but imagine running a nice warm bath would cost about 3 summers of solar power and one million English pounds.


As I see it this dilemma leaves me with only a couple of options really.

  1. Continue to moan James’ ears off about this until the warmth returns in 6 months.
  2. Book myself into a hotel and spend the entire time in the bath.
  3. Take a trip to Iceland (The country not the home of the Prawn ring), and relax in the hot spa’s.
  4. Man up.


Answers on postcards people!

James and Kirsty

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