Ophelia? Retreat Retreat

Well didn’t the news just go wild for storm/hurricane Ophelia. It would seem however that my colleagues didn’t take the threat quite so seriously, as they printed off a map of the UK waterways and took bets upon where I would wake up/where the boat would escape to … busy day in the office hey!

Hah Flaming Hah

As I got to the stables from work though the winds were really starting to pick up, and that’s when I received the SOS text from James ‘It’s really windy’ how insightful! Only 30 minutes later I was teetering down to Fantine carrying my handbag like a  first born child, and praying it’s Mary Poppins contents would keep me firmly planted on the path.

I made it safely aboard, however once I did it would be safe to say I felt like we were shooting the cover for this:


It was fairly rocky. So what does any sane boater do with incoming weather doom? Retreat to the pub of course! With a tasty dinner and a few beers returning to the boat the sway became less nauseating and more comforting and sleep wasn’t as much of an issue as we anticipated.


Anyone serious about Living Narrow in all weathers heed this advice:

“When it’s a bit windy retreat to the pub”

Lesson learned and duly noted!

James & Kirsty

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